Home of the Month | September 2013

Home of the Month: 840 25th Ave N

This month’s Home of the Month, 840 25th Avenue North, was built in 1928 and instantly catches the eye of  anyone walking by with its brightly colored, flower lined walkway that leads up to a comfortable front porch.

The house was purchased by Christopher Brimmer in October of 2002. It is shared by his wife, Jen, their young son, Harrison, and Hogan, the dog. When purchased the house had a total square footage of 906 sq. ft. of living space, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. In March of this year, the Brimmers decided to enlarge their home for Harrison, and, perhaps another to come, that will be completed later this year. After the remodel, the square footage of the home will be 1,150 square feet of living space.

The remodel will enlarge the existing kitchen; add a family/entertainment room and a second floor. The kitchen area will include an eat-in area, pantry, and office. The second floor will have a master bedroom, bath, and walk-in closet. A laundry room will be on the second floor, eliminating trips out to the garage to do the laundry.

After getting many bids, the Brimmer’s decided on using a local company for the remodeling. The Little Yellow House, Inc., a certified building contractor, located at 238 40th Avenue, NE in St. Petersburg is contracted to do the renovations. Christopher is very happy to say that “Don is a man of his word.”

The original home has many unique features that still work, such as push button, on and off, switches for lights, and original wooden floors in the kitchen. The room they enjoy the most is the living room. It has a working fire place and is a cozy, warm room that offers a play area for Harrison and a comfy place for Christopher and Jen to relax and watch television.

Home improvements done by Christopher within the last year include, landscaping, laying sod, and adding a sprinkler system. Christopher credits Google with the landscaped walkway design, saying, (as many of us know) “You can find anything on Google!”

Christopher and Jen both work at Acquirgy. Acquirgy is a marketing advertising agency for online and offline channels of direct marketing. They have offices in St. Petersburg, Florida, New York and California. Christopher puts it this way, “Acquirgy, offers customers the right balance between human brain power and technology.” Christopher works in the area of editing, voice over and Jen works in operations.

Christopher and Jen, enjoy living in the Crescent Heights neighborhood and St. Petersburg because there are “cool things to do and we love the restaurants.” It was a short walk to Tripp’s Diner on 9th Street, for the first family outing with Harrison. Bowling and golfing were entertaining sports when the Brimmer family was just Christopher and Jen, now as a family of three, they enjoy bike riding and walks in the neighborhood. As they say, “New families are moving in and strolling with Harrison, is a great way to get to know the new neighbors.”

– Nioma Brown and Anita Thompson


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