Crescent Heights Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Crescent Heights is conveniently located near downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

5/13 | CHNA Regular Meeting w/ Rep. Ben Diamond

CHNA Regular Meeting
Woodlawn Presbyterian Church | 1235 26th Ave N
Meeting @ 7PM
CHNA will host Rep. Ben Diamond at our May 13th Neighborhood Meeting.  Rep. Diamond will discuss  important “hot topic” issues covered in the 2019 legislative session and do a Q&A with members.  NEW LOCATION! This meeting will be held at Woodlawn Presbyterian Church, which has a separate meeting room behind the main church building. The formal address is 1235 26th Ave.  The meeting begins at 7 pm and refreshments will be provided.

4/23/19 | Book Nook

Book Club – Yesterday’s Gone by N.J. Crisp
April 23  | 525 22nd Ave. N. | 7:00 pm

Yesterday’s Gone by N.J. Crisp In this classic military novel, the faded pages of a bomber Command pilot’s log book allow today’s reader to experience the events of World War II: life and death in another world and another war. It is the log book of Squadron Leader David Kirby, DSO, DFC, pilot of a four-engine Lancaster in the RAF’s perilous and deadly night-after-night pounding of Germany. A reviewer in 1983, when the novel was published, called it “a sturdy, linear, deglamorized air-war log – by a talented suspense writer.

4/13/19 | Porch Party!

April Porch Party
April 13th | 5:00PM | 617 27th Ave N

Let’s keep the fun going! After you have had your fill of candy, join us for our April Porch Party at 617 27th Ave N on April 13th at 5:00PM. Bring a drink and a dish to pass. and join us for a hopping good time!

4/13/19 | Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
April 13 | 9:30AM | Crescent Lake Park

It is bunny time! Crescent Heights and Crescent Lake Neighborhood Associations are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt at Crescent Lake Park on April 13th at 9:30AM.   We will have coffee and beverages provided by Pineapple Espresso and the Easter Bunny will make an appearance thanks to Smith & Associates Real Estate!

We will have two areas for egg hunting (Big Kid and Little Kid). If you plan on participating please fill 10 plastic eggs per child participating and put them in a plastic bag denoting whether they are for the big kid area (age 5 and above) or the little kid area (age 4 and under). If you are filling eggs with candy please make sure the candy is wrapped. Starting April 1st please drop off your bag(s) of eggs to 737 26th Avenue North. There will be a bin on the porch that you can put your bags of eggs in.

Holiday Motel UPDATE

Holiday Motel Hearing – Community Planning and Preservation Commission (CPPC)
April 9th | 2 pm | St. Pete City Hall
Please Attend or Submit a Letter of Support!

On Tuesday, April 9th, the Community Planning and Preservation Commission (CPPC) will hold a public hearing at City Hall beginning at 2 pm.  The purpose of this hearing is to determine if the Holiday Motel is worthy of the City’s designation as a historical landmark.  CHNA is asking for your help via written comments or in-person support at the meeting.  The application for historical landmark status was submitted to the City by Preserve the Burg (not CHNA).

What Can I Do?

The site developer has been responsive to CHNA and residents to help ensure the new development will not redirect traffic into the neighborhood and will limit negative impacts to neighbors on 24th and 25th Ave N.  The developer requests resident support for the CPPC hearing (see sample text below) and your efforts could help ensure that the site is redeveloped in a way that is positive for the residents of CHNA.  If this developer pulls out of the deal, the next developer may not be as flexible in addressing neighborhood concerns.

Please consider sending an e-mail of support to the City or attending the CPPC hearing on April 9th at 2:00 pm.

CHNA is not taking an official position on this matter; however, we did want to disseminate information to residents as this matter will have a significant impact on our neighborhood.

Sample Letter of Support

If you would like to support Armstrong Properties effort to redevelop in a way that is responsive to neighborhood concerns or if you feel that the structure is not worthy of designation, please consider sending the following letter of support to

Dear CPPC member:

As a neighbor of the Holiday Motel, I object to its designation as a historic property.  The Holiday Motel perhaps once served tourists, but today offers no historic use or quality that the city should desire from its historic structures. The nondescript architecture, placement of the buildings, size of the buildings and quality of the construction eliminate any potential historic benefit that could exist. Nostalgia should not be the basis for designation of historic properties. Our neighborhood has many traditional qualities – and retaining this transient housing does not contribute to that quality. Please do not designate this as a historic property.  I can/cannot attend the meeting next week but wanted to be sure you were aware of my objection.


If you believe that the Holiday Motel is worthy of historical landmark status (regardless if it remains in our neighborhood or elsewhere in St. Pete), Preserve the Burg requests that you send the following letter of support to

Commissioners::  We all need to work hard to keep St. Petersburg special! The Holiday Motel on 4th St. N. at 24th Ave. is a piece of what makes us special! It is an excellent, early example of visually distinctive roadside architecture, built at a time when the family road trip was an intrinsic part of the Florida Dream! The motel, previously known as the Wilmarth Apartments, dates to the mid-1930s. The buildings clearly meet the criteria for landmark designation, having been first evaluated in 1995 as part of the St. Petersburg Historical Resource Survey project – at which point they were considered to be individually eligible for both local and National Register designation. Let’s preserve the ‘Burg! Please say YES to the Holiday Motel landmark application. Let’s respect our city’s past  and its sense of place.

What’s the Issue?

The owner of the Holiday Motel has sold the land and the two residential properties at the back to a Tampa-based developer, Armstrong Development Properties, Inc.  The owner of the property wishes to retire, so the Holiday Motel will be sold and change will come to the site.  The owner objects to the designation application and does not wish for the Holiday Motel to be considered a historical landmark.  Additionally, Armstrong Properties has met with Preserve the Burg to discuss different ways that they could donate the structure or incorporate some of the historical aspects of the structure into the site plans; however, Preserve the Burg has not consented to withdrawing the application in exchange for the concessions offered.

Armstrong Properties submitted site plan drawings to CHNA residents in February, and was receptive to feedback and concerns.  Revised site plans have been drawn up and submitted to the City for review and approval.  However, the approval process on the City’s end is currently unable to proceed while the landmark application is active.

Preserve the Burg is considering relocating the Holiday Motel buildings to another area downtown.  This means that the site in Crescent Heights may be redeveloped either way if the Motel is awarded historical landmark status.  However, CHNA neighbors may have to work with a new developer that won’t be as receptive to suggestions and feedback.

3/23/19 | March Porch Party

March Porch Party!
Saturday, March 23 | 5 PM – 8 PM 
605 28th Ave N

Spring is close, so let’s celebrate with a party at John’s house. John’s house, people! He’s the party planning master. It’s destined to be a good time. BYOB and an BYOA (appetizer). Crescent Heights residents are welcome and if you aren’t already a CHNA member, please bring $20 to sign up!

3/11/19 | CHNA Neighborhood Meeting

CHNA March Neighborhood Meeting – Redevelopment Updates and Florida Friendly Landscape
Monday March 11th
Panera Bread Community Room | 1908 4th St N
Refreshments 6:30 | Meeting 7:00

Come enjoy some sweet treats and get updates about the Neighborhood.  We’ll be sharing info about the Holiday Motel project and other development efforts in Crescent Heights.  Additionally, as our City expands, sustainability is becoming a concern.  You can make a difference by planting Florida-native plants, which help rainwater drain more quickly and support our insect and wildlife population.  Arnold Rutkis from Wilcox Nursery will be our featured speaker and he will have suggestions for creating a Florida-friendly yard.  He will also speak about an exciting new grant opportunity that could bring Florida-friendly plants to CHNA residents for a free or a reduced cost.

1/19/19 | Annual Chili Cookoff!

Image result for Chili clip artAnnual Chili Cookoff
Saturday January 19th
5PM | 777 26th Ave N

It is the third annual Chili Cook Off event and porch party! Kevin Mort will host at 777 26th Ave N and he will also be our judge.  Prizes for the best chili and corn bread, and even if you don’t want to cook please come to EAT and cast your vote for the tastiest dish.  Bring a beverage of your choice and see you there!

1/14/19 | Neighborhood Meeting

CHNA Neighborhood Meeting
Monday January 14th
Refreshments @ 6:30PM | Meeting @ 7PM
Panera Bread Community Room | 1908 4th St. N

Our first Neighborhood Meeting of 2019 will be held in the Community Room at Panera Bread (1908 4th Street North, St Petersburg, FL 33704).  Representatives from Armstrong Development Properties, Inc. will give a ~20 minute presentation about redevelopment plans for the Holiday Inn / Holiday Plaza retail space.  We also will provide an update from the City on Complete Streets Phase Four, and discuss goals and special projects for the Association to tackle in 2019.

12/15/18 | Lights in the Heights!

Related imageJoin us for the Third Annual Lights in the Heights on Saturday December 15! Stop at any of these four houses to pick up your Holiday flyer:

499 23rd Ave N
765 24th Ave N
725 25th Ave N
776 26th Ave N

The homeowners will be waiting for you from 5:30-6:30Once you have your flyer, visit the remaining three houses and collect a stamp at each home for a total of four stamps and bring it to the Holiday Party at 780 25th Ave N where you will be eligible to enter the drawing.

Holiday Light Decorating Contest

As is the tradition, CHNA neighbors do a terrific job decorating their homes for the holidays.  So get out your lights and other holiday decorations and put them on display!  The neighborhood will be voting!  As you stroll through the neighborhood on December 15, be sure to note the home whose decorations you like the most and write that on your flyer.

Holiday Party
780 25th Ave N

At 7pm, please join us for food and fun (bring your own beverages), prize drawings, decorating contest winner announcement, Santa and an Ugly Holiday wear (sweaters, t-shirts, suits)  contest (pull yours out of the closet–you know you have one) and be ready to celebrate the season.

CHNA Bylaws

Below are previous versions of CHNA By-laws. For the most recent amended CHNA By-Laws, visit About -> CHNA By-Laws.


The proposed updated CHNA Bylaws from October 2015.

2015 CHNA Bylaws

The CHNA Bylaws approved November 2010.

2010 CHNA Bylaws

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