Home of the Month | September 2014

Charming with a contemporary twist is what you will find at 737 26th Avenue North, the September Home of the Month. Owned by Jennifer and Bill Wright since 2009, this house has a very charming and cozy feel to it from the beautifully landscape yard all the way through to the recently added backyard deck, that they did themselves.

Bill and Jennifer relocated to Riverview, Florida from Grand Rapids Michigan.  They rented a house in Riverview, for about a year and commuted to work in St. Petersburg on a daily basis.  After a year of the long commute they settled on moving to St. Petersburg, Florida. Bill works as a software engineer for a company located in downtown St. Petersburg and Jennifer works out of their home as a technical writer for the same company she worked for when they lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The adorable house on 26th Avenue North, was not their first choice, as Jennifer explained, “After looking at about hundred houses in the area, we choose this one. It was in the neighborhood we liked.  The tree lined streets and non-cookie cutter style of houses in the Crescent Heights area appealed to us.” Bill joined in, “it’s close to the park, to my work and we can walk everywhere.”

Jennifer and Bill have two dogs and two cats.   Their Australian Sheppard, named Arf, is a medium size dog, easy going, highly intelligent, and by nature, needs a job to do.  Arf, often herds people and things, including Jennifer, Bill or their two cats, Blackie and Tucker.  Their other dog named, Barka Noir, is a standard Schnauzer, which is also a medium size dog that has a protective nature and love of family.

When asked about the recent renovations to the 2 bedroom/1 bath house, we were invited to take a tour of the home.   The renovated 1935 bathroom has a new cherry wood vanity with a matching cherry wood framed mirror and new light fixtures.  To update the pink titled bathroom, Jennifer and Bill added a row of accent tile.  They did this by chiseling out a row of the old tile and then grouted in the new multi-color accent tile in its place.  This small change adds a modern detail to the entire room and pulls the entire room together. Bill explained, “The old tile was not easy to remove, we had to literally hammer and chisel each piece of 4 x 4 tiles out of the old existing grout, which we think might have been cement.  It took a lot of work!”

The kitchen remodel is what gives Bill and Jennifer the biggest sense of accomplishment and after seeing it, we certainly understood why.  After demolishing the old kitchen, they hired an electrician to re-wire and update the electrical in the room.  Then Bill and Jennifer, replaced green board, dry wall, painted, hung new cabinets, tiled new backsplash, laid new countertop, dropped in a new sink with new hardware and added new light fixtures to the room.  It is very impressive when you see the before and after pictures of the kitchen, that they proudly display in their living room.

When relaxing and not tackling DIY jobs at home, some of Jennifer and Bill’s hobbies are dog training, working in the yard, visiting local brewing companies in the area, such as Cycle Brewing in Gulfport, Florida or the Green Bench Brewing Company in St. Petersburg, Florida. They both agreed “We like it here.”


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