Home of the Month | October 2013

Home of the Month: 530 23rd Ave N

Brian and Awilda Harrington have a lovely home in the Crescent Heights neighborhood at 530 23rd Avenue North. When walking past the home, you’ll be greeted by a little dog in the window that goes by the name of Chloe. Chloe is a little over a year and has an inquisitive personality.  Bella, their other dog who is older and a little more mellow, and Chloe, make any visitor to the home feel very welcomed.

Brian and Awilda have made a number of changes their home to fit their changing needs and to make it a comfortable place to live.  Such as the beautifully landscaped yard, that wraps around to a newly paved patio with Florida friendly landscaping.  The backyard opens to a tropical paradise area for entertaining neighbors, outdoor cooking or just relaxing.  The patio includes a covered tiki hut, and arranged sitting areas, where the Harrington’s can easily enjoy the outdoors.  The landscaping was created by Sam Verrier of Island Way Property Services, 6425 28th Terrace N. St. Petersburg, FL 33710 (727) 543-8065. “Brian is quick to say, We would recommend Sam, he did a nice job and we are very pleased with the outcome.”

Other renovations to the two bedroom one bath home that was built in the 1940’s, are a new roof, new hurricane windows, and a gas powered underground generator in the backyard, to provide power when the electricity goes out.

Brian is a long time resident of St. Petersburg and an avid bicycle rider and sports enthusiasts.  He has participated in triathlons, and is currently training for the La Vuelta, a 375 mile bike route that goes around the island of Puerto Rico.  This ride is completed in just three days, so to be in good physical shape is a must.

Brian has served on many sport venues such as completing seven years on the Board for the USA Triathlon and two years as race director of the St. Anthony’s Triathlon. As a personal injury lawyer, he has developed a sub specialty representing people struck by vehicles while running and biking.  He is also a founding board member of the Suncoast Ronald McDonald House.

Awilda is a painter with the “Desire to create.”  Her talent is evident in the home they share with many of her paintings displayed with complementary lighting. Her studio is located on the east side of the home. The art studio was created by closing in a breeze way and adding new windows.  The remodeled space mirrors the existing archways and wood flooring in the home, making the renovation look very natural, as if it were always a part of the original structure.  Having a studio inside the home allows Awilda to work whenever the creative spirit moves her.

Brian and Awilda enjoy the Crescent Heights neighborhood for many reasons.  “Everything is so beautiful such as the trees that provide shade, and it is not a cookie cutter neighborhood.”  Being only a mile or so from downtown, “we have it when we want it and come back to a nice welcoming neighborhood that we enjoy.”

One of the neighborhood traditions on this block is to have a mini block party on Halloween.  The homeowners gather in front of their homes to give out candy and enjoy appetizers, wine and each other’s company. If you happen to be on the block during Halloween, be sure to stop by and say hello to Bella, Chloe in the window, and Brian and Awilda Harrington in their front yard.

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