Home of the Month | November 2013

Home of the Month: 440 27th Ave N

Seeing the inside of the home of Curt and Lynne Herron, at 440 27th Avenue, North, for the first time, is like opening a treasure chest and viewing all the riches inside all at once.  Curt and Lynne have a wonderful home with many nooks, filled with rare treasures from their trips to garage sales, yard sales and antique auctions.  Some of the eye catching items are displayed throughout the home adding a touch of whimsical to the décor.  Such as the large numbers from a gas station sign that once were used to show price per gallon or one of the original

St. Petersburg green benches in the couple’s sunroom. The contour -shaped bench has been refurbished and is now a useful piece of furniture.

The Herron’s take great pride in bringing each piece they find, back to its original state or condition. They have an eye for seeing the “diamond in the rough” of many of their purchases. Once restored, they enjoy using the piece for function or for home décor.  This is evident in the short hallway that leads to the back of the house, where restored metal signs adorn the walls.

Their house was a rental property for over twenty years before they purchased it about three years ago, they could see that the house had good structure and was sturdy.  In that short amount of time, the Herron’s have done a remarkable job of restoring and decorating the home.  The open floor plan leads into an eat-in kitchen which has beautiful wood cabinets and a center island.  All the cabinetry has been restored to a beautiful golden finish.  Other than the tiled kitchen and bathroom floors, the rest of the house has all wood floors that have been stripped, sanded and varnished to a warm glow, this adds to the continuity of the home.  As a rental property, the attached garage on the east side of the house was enclosed and the floor tiled to be used as additional living space.   One of the renovations completed by Curt was to return that living space back to its original intent when the house was built, that is, a garage.  Now, they can park their car in the tiled floor garage!

The Herron’s stay busy traveling between the West and East Coasts of Florida, and Orange County, California, for work and visiting with their family.  They have two successful sons, grandchildren and a three year old pincher named “Rooney”.

Having grown up and lived in California for many years, the Herron’s are very familiar with the California based specialty retail grocery store, Trader Joe’s, who will soon be their new neighbor.  They both agree, “It’s a nice company, nice to their employees. When in California, we shop there almost every day and have seen the same employees for over 20 years.”

The Herron’s have also lived in the Northeast section of St. Petersburg, where they successfully remodeled an older home.  They saw their current home as another “challenge” and moved to the West side of 4th street.  They both agree that they “love it here, it’s small but not too small and there’s no track neighborhood, the homes are all individually built and getting to the freeway is easy and the choices for dinner along 4th Street are fantastic!”

– Nioma Brown and Anita Thompson

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