Home of the Month | May 2014

One of the first eye catching details you’ll see when walking by 755 26th Avenue North is the beautiful stained glass panel in the front door of the home.   The stained glass panel was purchased at a sale as an independent pane.  The home owner, Brandy Stark, took the pane to AAA Glass on 9th Street North who created the door for her. Stark loves the door as it is both unique and “it allows beautiful light to come through without affecting my privacy.”

Brandy Stark, a professor of Humanities and Religious Studies at the St. Petersburg College Downtown campus, purchased the home in 2011.  As it had been unoccupied for several years she set about restoring it.  The wood floors have been cleaned, stained, and sealed.   The formerly orange and white house was repainted to capture the essence of a cottage-like feel.  She selected the colors of beige, chocolate brown, and ruby red to match with the plant-filled yard outside.  The inside, painted in colors  ranging from deep red to yellow, pink, green and blue, has been reworked to creamy white with rose  accent walls. This has the effect of making the rooms seem much bigger and adds brightness to them.

The bathroom is a stunning design of white accented with black set in a 1970s retro-pattern.  Stark, a proponent of keeping historic elements, made this selection in order to accent the well preserved 1940s floor tiles. The window in the bathroom is a piece of artwork.  The room is narrow so space needed to be conserved.  Rather than adding curtains to the six-paned wall window, she replaced the original clear glass panels with six black and white Baroque style stained glass pieces.  The new fixtures, tile and stunning stain glass window make this room one of Brandy’s favorites.

As she continued working on her home, Stark found and recommends the following companies:  Contractor Jim G. Scott, Inc., Ph: 727-323-4971 and tiling company AAA Tile Service, 450 94th Avenue N., St. Petersburg, Ph: 727-576-1371.

Dr. Brandy Stark earned her PhD in 2010 and has degrees in History, Classics, Religion and Leadership and Education.   In addition to teaching, she is also an accomplished wire sculpture artist.  She works with her hands wrapping wire metal into sculptures depicting ancient mythological figures.  She has shown her art locally, nationally and internationally.  Some of her pieces are showcased in her home.

Sharing the home with Brandy are her pets.  She has pugs Pandora, Patroclus and Chin, as well as some pocket pets.  An advocate of animal rescue, she works with promoting safety for small animals such as pet hamsters, mice and rats.

When asked what she likes about the Crescent Heights Neighborhood she responded with “The history of the neighborhood.  I wish more people knew about some of the connections we have.  Among other things, we’re close to Crescent Lake Park; the baseball diamond there is one of the oldest in the US.” She added that she also loves that  “living in Crescent Heights, you would never know you were between two major thorough fares like 4th and 9th Streets North.  It’s got a quieter, more relaxed feel here.”

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