Home of the Month | March 2011

Home & Owner info: Marty Hallas (Mrs. Donald J.) – the home was built in 1952 and we have lived there since 1998.

Why did you choose to live in Crescent Heights: My husband and I lived for 34 years on Coffee Pot Bayou on Snell Isle. We wanted to move off the water and out of the flood zone. We had bought a house in Crescent Heights for our daughter Christy in 1989 and a house at 720 27th Avenue North for our son Gary in 1993. Their best friends Hugh and Kim Fetner lived next door to Gary. When they wanted to sell their house in 1998 we had already been looking for ourselves, and were excited to buy it from them. Gary had moved to Boca Raton and we had rented his house, but the Fetners’ floor plan was more suited to what we wanted, and we sold the 720 house to the Baldwins who have since had four children and renovated that house to more than double the size it was!

Have you done any major projects or renovations in your home?: The house has two bedrooms and had one full bath and a half bath off the master bedroom. We took part of an adjacent closet to add a large shower to that bath.To give more closet space we added five feet to the back of the house which gave us a large walk in closet added to the master bedroom,and on the other bedroom we added a small closet and added a back door leading to the door of the detached garage. When our addition was completed we added a new roof and had the outside of the house painted. This summer our wooden fence needed to be replaced which led to replacement of a back deck, repainting the outside of the house, replacing a pump and sprinkler system and putting in new sod and landscaping. I am pleased with the new look to the house and yard.

Are there any unique features in your home?: When you walk in the front door into the living room there is a dining room to the right and a sun porch to the left which gives an openness, with no feeling that you are in a small house. I like the hardwood floors, and the tiles on the kitchen counter that were used in houses built in the early 50’s.

What do you love about living in St. Pete?: We loved having our children grow up in St. Pete and they also went to St. Pete High. We were happy that we had downsized four years before Don’s death in 2002. Don was an optometrist in St. Pete for 38 years and never fully retired, but he enjoyed his woodworking hobby in our garage, walks around Crescent Lake, and being near his work and just down the street from the Credit Union. In 2003 Gary took a job in St. Pete and he and Kelly moved here from Boca Raton and bought their home in Crescent Heights, two blocks from me. Morea is six now and Tanner is four and a half and I am enjoying being their grandma!

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