Home of the Month | January 2012

Sharon & Jeff Handy
Year home was built?
How long have you lived in the home?
10 years
Why did you choose to live in Crescent Heights?
I loved the eclectic feel of the neighborhood, which was even more true when I moved in. Families, single people, older people — it seemed more like a neighborhood than many other areas of St. Petersburg did during my three-year search for the right
house. I also loved how near the house was to Crescent Lake Park.
Have you done any major projects or renovations in your home? The interior of the house was renovated just prior to my purchase of it in 2001; so work inside has been maintenance only, as all old homes require. We’ve recently been working on our yard, however, starting with the front. A few months ago we had to remove a huge oak that was barely standing, and it completely changed the light quality in the yard. Our effort is adapting to that changed condition with plants that don’t require a lot of chemicals or care. We’ve started with a large planting area that includes a mix of Florida natives and hardy bamboos instead of yet another attempt at grass. We’re trying to think differently about what constitutes a “yard,” and this is our first step. Our long-term goal is a yard that we never have to mow!
Are there any unique features in your home?
Closets! I don’t know what the original design was like, but this house has more closet space than any other older home that I’ve seen. The trick is not filling them all with stuff.
What do you love about living in St. Pete?
We love the laid-back feel of the city. There’s a lot to do here, but there’s no sense of rushing about it. We also love the wealth of cultural opportunities such as American Stage and freeFall Theater.
Any other info?
We look forward to continuing a wonderful life in a great
neighborhood! – Sharon Handy
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