Home of the Month | June 2013

Home of the Month: 853 29th Avenue North

This month we had the pleasure of meeting a very nice, energetic young couple who have a deep appreciation for the long standing history of the Crescent Heights neighborhood.

After renting an apartment in the Crescent Lake Neighborhood for a about a year, Troy McNatt and Sara Peeples-McNatt purchased the home in the Crescent Heights Neighborhood at 853 29th Avenue N., in October, 2009. In a serendipitous moment, Sara knew it was the house for them, after discovering that one of the previous owners was an opera singer. Sara is also an opera singer, musician and teaches piano and voice to children. Troy is a manufacturing efficiency engineer who focuses on processes such as ergonomics and other manufacturing time savings improvements.

Both Sara and Troy like the central location that the Crescent Heights Neighborhood offers. “It’s close to the water, it’s close to downtown, I can walk to Rollin’ Oats,” Sara enthusiastically mentioned.  Sara and Troy are very happy they settled in Crescent Heights. “The area has a neighborhood feel to it. The area has everything—the trees have been here for years, the people are friendly, and it’s in a no flood zone.”

Troy and Sara agree, “The neighbors are wonderful.” Since purchasing the home, Sara and Troy have gotten to know almost everyone on their block and they stay in touch with Kitty, the previous owner. This has given them first-hand knowledge of the history of the house and they appreciate her friendship and knowledge as they remodel.

Remodeling this 2-bedroom, 1-bath, 1938 Cape Cod style house is a hobby both Sara and Troy enjoy and it shows. The color pallet is pleasing and inviting and the details are meticulous. For example, before they started to renovate the front porch area into a music studio and a bright and sunny sitting area, they did their research. They used the correct sized window in proportion to the door size and added  handmade matching crown molding and picture rail to the high ceilings.

When considering the remodel of the kitchen area, which they wanted to open up by taking down the wall between the dining room and kitchen, they constructed a clever archway design to mirror the existing arches in the home. The finished product looks so natural; a visitor to the home might think it was part of the original floor plan of the house.

To bring out the original flooring of the home all the floors have been stripped to the bare wood, sanded and sealed by Sara and Troy. This includes the kitchen floor, that had three layers of linoleum and the bottom layer was put down with tar!

The remodeling continues throughout the home and spills out into the back deck and surrounding front and back yards. When purchased, the yard had a “jungle feel to it.” They’ve cleared some of the trees and undergrowth and now have an extended back deck area that has plenty of room to accommodate a picnic table and now has a very cozy, relaxing feel to it.

Troy’s motto “Organization is the key to any home remodeling.” One look at the workshop/garage confirms his motto. After seeing the astonished look on our faces at how organized they were, he adds “Organization on steroids.”

Sara and Troy have happily completed an abundance of remodeling projects in the home and continue to have remodeling projects to tackle. The McNatt’s have a right to be house-proud with all they have accomplished. They truly have a respect for their neighbors, the neighborhood and the history that this area has to offer.

– Nioma Brown and Anita Thompson

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