Home of the Month | April 2011

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Home & Owner info:

Bob & Amy Kessler at 744 23rd Avenue North

Why did you choose to live in Crescent Heights?
We were about to be married and were looking for a fixer upper in a promising neighborhood. This house simply appealed to us, even in its original condition. It was the right price, right neighborhood and we have never regretted our decision.

Have you done any major projects or renovations in your home?
Did you see our house! After we lived in the house for about 5 or 6 years, we came across a 1920’s Florida Bungalow that was slated to be demolished due to St. Petersburg High School’s enforcing imminent domain to build a parking lot. We decided to purchase the home and have it moved onto our lot which was mostly vacant since the existing house was all the way at the back of the property line, a two story garage/apartment domicile. Many of the homes in the neighborhood have these on the back of their lots and are often rented out. We planned on connecting the two structures due to the requirements imposed by the City as a condition to allow us to move this bungalow. We felt the bungalow would fit right in to the style of our neighborhood and it was built in the same time frame as the back structure, so it was perfect. One thing we did not anticipate, however, was that the City wanted us to move our house much closer to the front of the property than we originally plan. This increased the space between the two structures from 9 feet to 20 feet. Once we got the bungalow onto the property, we spent some time cleaning up the appearance so that it would not become and eye sore for our kind neighbors. We started renovating in November of 2009 by hiring an architect and joining the two structures. Bob has been working continuously on the front replacing the siding with cement clapboards, replaced windows, new roof, refinished fireplace replacing sun porch. The interior is still unfinished, gutted right now, but we’ve been picking up items that will be used for the interior when he’s completed the exterior.

Are there any unique features in your home?
The most unique I guess will be that it will end up being a tri-level home when it’s completed. Since the property slopes toward the back, it made for an interesting layout. The front section (bungalow) will contain the sun porch, living room, dining room and kitchen. The middle section is two stories which will contain two bedrooms and a bath upstairs, one bedroom and bath downstairs. The back section will contain the garage/laundry room and the master suite above. There are two decks, one off the kitchen and the other is off the master suite.

What do you love about living in St. Pete?
I think I love the casual life style and our down town is hard to beat. Being near Crescent Lake is a bonus, but in general, I just love the small town feeling it has and the way that the neighborhoods are laid out so that you can walk and talk to your neighbors and enjoy the activities that our city promotes all year long.

Any other info?
We cannot wait to be finished with the home so we can have an open house. We have appreciated
the patience of our friends and neighbors while we have been going through the renovation process. We can only do so
much at a time due to the expense, so we can’t thank them enough for being so supportive and helpful to us throughout
the process. Crescent Heights has the best folks living in this neighborhood that anyone can ask for and we are blessed to
be here amongst them!

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