11/28/19 | Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Back, by popular demand… Can you believe it? 7 years. Here’s hoping you can join in the festivities to make this year’s parade the best ever. As usual, the parade will be Thanksgiving Day morning. Meet up at 536 25th Ave No. at 9:00 for refreshments and socializing. We’ll start the parade at 10:00.

There is no designated theme, so flaunt your style by going big by wearing a
costume, making a float, riding your bike, decorating your car, or walking with us – just have fun! For those of you left inside cooking turkey (yummy), make sure to come outside and cheer us on when we pass your house. The map below shows the path we will follow. The parade takes about an hour. We’ll be making noise, so you should hear us as we approach.

If you have any questions, contact Nancy Way at nancyway@ymail.com
Be sure to use “parade” in the subject line.

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