Tacos, photos, gelatos – this Saturday!! May 16

Neighbors, Get out this Saturday morning for front-yard photos, pick up your gelato, and head to the St. Pete Taco Lady food truck for lunch!”Portrait Pop-up'” – 9:30am to 12:30pmGelato Studio cart- 9:30am to 12:30pmSt. Pete Taco Lady food truck – 11am – 2pm
Alison Amick’s previous “Portrait Pop-up” was such a hit, she’s doing it again! Sign up at  https://www.personality-portraits.com/chna to have your silly kid photos or perky pet photos done Saturday, May 16, from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Alison is offering 15 minute, pre-paid appointments where you can let loose and get silly in front of the camera, right in her front yard! Special bonus for Crescent Heights members…$25 print credit!

Location: 729 26th Ave N.9:30am-12:30pm

Studio Gelato will have their cart out with Alison this Saturday morning from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Reward yourself with gelato for being silly at the photo shoot. 😉 This week’s flavors are Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, Strawberry, Chocolate Orange, Salted Caramel Crunch, Mint Chocolate Chip, Blood Orange, Cookies & Cream and Coconut Almond. $8 for each delicious pint. 

Location: 729 26th Ave N. (***NOT 23rd Ave N***)

St. Pete Taco Lady is coming to Crescent Heights for lunch! Colleen wants to have a lunch rush, so don’t let her down. Check out her awesome, full menu here: https://www.stpetetacolady.com/s/order Pre-orders start at 10:30am Saturday morning. The Taco Lady covers all the bases, so don’t miss out…tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and more! Check out her FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/stpetetacolady/

Location: corner of 23rd Ave N. and 5th St. N. 11am-2pm

Keep this in mind: Distance, masks, patience, fun! What’s a proper distance? 6 feet apart from others (try thinking like this- 2 grocery carts away, 2 large dogs with long tails away, 7 giant bags of Doritos laid end-to-end away, length of a piano away), or walk across the street. And have fun! Crescent Lake park is open for a picnic, or maybe spread a blanket and have a picnic in your own backyard. 
We’re getting through this!

Latin Lunch Box for dinner? Count me in! Meat and Vegan options – yes to both! Delivery? Gelato for dessert? Doesn’t get much better than this!

Neighbors, We have it going on!
Dinner with Latin Lunch Box: corner of 23rd Ave. North and 5th St. North, 5pm to 8pm, Saturday, May 9th. Pre-order instructions: text orders to 727-452-4406 before 4pm with: Your name, your desired pick-up time, and your order. Pick-up times are every 15 minutes from 5pm to 8pm. Delivery available – see below. 
Walk-up orders also available – wear a mask/face-covering, stay 6 feet apart from others (try thinking like this- 2 grocery carts away, 2 large dogs with long tails, 7 giant bags of Doritos laid end-to-end, length of a piano), and have fun!

Here’s the menu we’ve all been waiting for (limited menu to keep the people moving):

Looking for dinner delivery? You’re in luck! Dante Vogtner (25th Ave N. resident, SP High alumni, Americorp volunteer, and future USFSP Bull) is here to help. Contact him at 727-348-6063 for delivery from 5 to 8pm. You will need to have the Venmo app on your cell phone. Dante’s account profile is here (this will work once you have Venmo on your phone): https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2785210055786496836  What’s Venmo? It’s a payment app. Takes a minute to get on your phone. Links your bank account to pay folks with no fee. Here’s the website if you want more info: https://venmo.com/

Ordering instructions:

Pick-up times for pre-orders are every 15 minutes from 5pm to 8pm. 
Pre-order instructions (preferred!):
 text orders to 727-452-4406 before 4pm with: Your name, your desired pick-up time, and your order. Confirm receipt. No text or call-ahead orders after 4pm! Questions? Contact Latin Lunch Box at phone number above. Delivery order instructions are below.

Walk-up orders also available from 5 to 8pm. Wear a mask/face-covering, stay 6 feet apart from others while waiting (try thinking like this- 2 grocery carts away, 2 large dogs with long tails away, 7 giant bags of Doritos laid end-to-end away, length of a piano away), or walk across the street, and have fun!

Payment options:

Cash and card accepted at the truck. Cash payment includes tax in prices. Credit card payments will have tax payment added on (7%).

Delivery service available: 

Neighbor Dante Vogtner (25th Ave N. resident, SP High alumni, Americorp volunteer, and future USFSP Bull) is offering this service. 

Contact Dante at 727-348-6063 for delivery from 5 to 8pm. Pre-orders only! Existing Venmo account holders and cash only. Dante’s Venmo account profile is here: https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2785210055786496836  

How will this work? Pre-order preferred!-Text your order to Latin Lunch Box before 4 pm with your name, the word “delivery”, your desired pick-up time, and your order. -Once confirmed by Latin Lunch Box, forward this to Dante’s cell, 727-348-6063, along with your address. -Calculate the total of your food order, and pay him in advance via Venmo. -He will pay for and pick up your food from Latin Lunch box and promptly deliver it to you in Crescent Heights only. **Not comfy paying in advance? Dante is willing to prepay for you at Latin Lunchbox for those not comfortable with pre-paying him. In this case, you will pay upon delivery.** **Didn’t see this before 4 pm but still want delivery? Contact Dante and see if you can work something out. ;)-He cannot accept credit cards. He can accept Venmo payments. -He will graciously accept a gratuity/tip. BIG Thank you to Dante for offering this service to the residents of Crescent Heights! He has a genuine desire to help, and wants to make sure folks feel safe, and have an option to have food delivered since Latin Lunch Box does not have that capability. Please consider a hearty gratuity if you request and appreciate his service.

Still reading? You must be looking for Gelato info!Studio Gelato has several delicious flavors this weekend: Chocolate Orange, Coconut Almond, Strawberry, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, Salted Caramel Crunch, Hazelnut, Blood Orange, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Pints are $8 and every pint purchased will be matched and donated to the St. Pete Free Clinic to help mothers in need. The cart will be set up Saturday from 5pm-8pm at 716 23rd Ave North. Gabriella and Bo will offer free delivery within Crescent Heights on Saturday from 2-5 pm. For delivery, please order in advance at  www.studiogelatosp.com. Details can be found there; questions should be directed to Studio Gelato. 

Thanks to you all for being patient while we organize these “events” in the neighborhood. There could be more fun on the way. Have a business you’d like to promote in the neighborhood on an upcoming weekend? Please reach out. We’ll do our best to help. 
😉 Angie

4/13/19 | Porch Party!

April Porch Party
April 13th | 5:00PM | 617 27th Ave N

Let’s keep the fun going! After you have had your fill of candy, join us for our April Porch Party at 617 27th Ave N on April 13th at 5:00PM. Bring a drink and a dish to pass. and join us for a hopping good time!

4/13/19 | Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
April 13 | 9:30AM | Crescent Lake Park

It is bunny time! Crescent Heights and Crescent Lake Neighborhood Associations are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt at Crescent Lake Park on April 13th at 9:30AM.   We will have coffee and beverages provided by Pineapple Espresso and the Easter Bunny will make an appearance thanks to Smith & Associates Real Estate!

We will have two areas for egg hunting (Big Kid and Little Kid). If you plan on participating please fill 10 plastic eggs per child participating and put them in a plastic bag denoting whether they are for the big kid area (age 5 and above) or the little kid area (age 4 and under). If you are filling eggs with candy please make sure the candy is wrapped. Starting April 1st please drop off your bag(s) of eggs to 737 26th Avenue North. There will be a bin on the porch that you can put your bags of eggs in.

Holiday Motel UPDATE

Holiday Motel Hearing – Community Planning and Preservation Commission (CPPC)
April 9th | 2 pm | St. Pete City Hall
Please Attend or Submit a Letter of Support!

On Tuesday, April 9th, the Community Planning and Preservation Commission (CPPC) will hold a public hearing at City Hall beginning at 2 pm.  The purpose of this hearing is to determine if the Holiday Motel is worthy of the City’s designation as a historical landmark.  CHNA is asking for your help via written comments or in-person support at the meeting.  The application for historical landmark status was submitted to the City by Preserve the Burg (not CHNA).

What Can I Do?

The site developer has been responsive to CHNA and residents to help ensure the new development will not redirect traffic into the neighborhood and will limit negative impacts to neighbors on 24th and 25th Ave N.  The developer requests resident support for the CPPC hearing (see sample text below) and your efforts could help ensure that the site is redeveloped in a way that is positive for the residents of CHNA.  If this developer pulls out of the deal, the next developer may not be as flexible in addressing neighborhood concerns.

Please consider sending an e-mail of support to the City or attending the CPPC hearing on April 9th at 2:00 pm.

CHNA is not taking an official position on this matter; however, we did want to disseminate information to residents as this matter will have a significant impact on our neighborhood.

Sample Letter of Support

If you would like to support Armstrong Properties effort to redevelop in a way that is responsive to neighborhood concerns or if you feel that the structure is not worthy of designation, please consider sending the following letter of support to Katherine.Connell@stpete.org:

Dear CPPC member:

As a neighbor of the Holiday Motel, I object to its designation as a historic property.  The Holiday Motel perhaps once served tourists, but today offers no historic use or quality that the city should desire from its historic structures. The nondescript architecture, placement of the buildings, size of the buildings and quality of the construction eliminate any potential historic benefit that could exist. Nostalgia should not be the basis for designation of historic properties. Our neighborhood has many traditional qualities – and retaining this transient housing does not contribute to that quality. Please do not designate this as a historic property.  I can/cannot attend the meeting next week but wanted to be sure you were aware of my objection.


If you believe that the Holiday Motel is worthy of historical landmark status (regardless if it remains in our neighborhood or elsewhere in St. Pete), Preserve the Burg requests that you send the following letter of support to Katherine.Connell@stpete.org:

Commissioners::  We all need to work hard to keep St. Petersburg special! The Holiday Motel on 4th St. N. at 24th Ave. is a piece of what makes us special! It is an excellent, early example of visually distinctive roadside architecture, built at a time when the family road trip was an intrinsic part of the Florida Dream! The motel, previously known as the Wilmarth Apartments, dates to the mid-1930s. The buildings clearly meet the criteria for landmark designation, having been first evaluated in 1995 as part of the St. Petersburg Historical Resource Survey project – at which point they were considered to be individually eligible for both local and National Register designation. Let’s preserve the ‘Burg! Please say YES to the Holiday Motel landmark application. Let’s respect our city’s past  and its sense of place.

What’s the Issue?

The owner of the Holiday Motel has sold the land and the two residential properties at the back to a Tampa-based developer, Armstrong Development Properties, Inc.  The owner of the property wishes to retire, so the Holiday Motel will be sold and change will come to the site.  The owner objects to the designation application and does not wish for the Holiday Motel to be considered a historical landmark.  Additionally, Armstrong Properties has met with Preserve the Burg to discuss different ways that they could donate the structure or incorporate some of the historical aspects of the structure into the site plans; however, Preserve the Burg has not consented to withdrawing the application in exchange for the concessions offered.

Armstrong Properties submitted site plan drawings to CHNA residents in February, and was receptive to feedback and concerns.  Revised site plans have been drawn up and submitted to the City for review and approval.  However, the approval process on the City’s end is currently unable to proceed while the landmark application is active.

Preserve the Burg is considering relocating the Holiday Motel buildings to another area downtown.  This means that the site in Crescent Heights may be redeveloped either way if the Motel is awarded historical landmark status.  However, CHNA neighbors may have to work with a new developer that won’t be as receptive to suggestions and feedback.

3/23/19 | March Porch Party

March Porch Party!
Saturday, March 23 | 5 PM – 8 PM 
605 28th Ave N

Spring is close, so let’s celebrate with a party at John’s house. John’s house, people! He’s the party planning master. It’s destined to be a good time. BYOB and an BYOA (appetizer). Crescent Heights residents are welcome and if you aren’t already a CHNA member, please bring $20 to sign up!

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