Meeting Minutes from January 2015 CHNA Board Meeting

Follow the link below for the meeting minutes from the January 2015 CHNA Board Meeting.

January 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from November 2014 CHNA Board Meeting

Follow the link below for the meeting minutes from the November 2014 CHNA Board Meeting.

November 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from December 2013 CHNA Board Meeting

Follow the link below for the meeting minutes from the December 2013 CHNA Board Meeting

December 2013 Meeting Minutes

2012 Live Oak and Tree Program

CHNA is once again happy to partner with local business Dolins Garden Center to offer neighbors a bulk purchase discount on trees. The following trees will be offered at a 50% discount with planting service and four weeks of follow-up care provided.  Have you been considering a new tree for your yard?  Consider one of the following:

8-9 ft Live Oak tree for $166.  Live Oaks are large trees that live 300 years.

10-12 ft Live Oak tree for $280.  Live Oaks are large trees that live 300 years.

8-9 ft cold-hardy Queen Palm for $108.  Queen Palms grows up to 50ft and is the most prevalent palm currently found along the tree line in our neighborhood.

5-7 ft flowering Bottle Brush tree.  Call Dolins for price and availability.  This is a small tree alternative of 10-12 ft with vivid red “bottlebrush” shaped flowers in spring.

The trees available through Dolins have a thicker caliper compared to trees available at some “big box” garden stores, which means that the trees are older. This fact combined with the professional planting and care service greatly increases the likelihood that the tree will survive and thrive. Consider adding a tree to your landscape in 2012 to help keep Crescent Heights the beautiful shade-fill neighborhood that it is today.

Call Dolins Garden Center at 727-525-3434 to place your order today! Be sure to tell them you are part of the CHNA project.  Orders will be accepted through the end of September.

CHNA Tree-Trimming Program

Save on Landscaping with CHNA Tree-Trimming Program

Everyone who passes through Crescent Heights can feel the character and charm of our neighborhood. One important factor is the amazing tree canopy that provides us with shade and cooler temperatures (lower A/C bills)! This tree canopy is an asset that has taken decades to grow, but it could be wiped away relatively quickly by improper maintenance or poorly informed neighbors.

CHNA has arranged for two locally licensed and insured arborists to provide heavily discounted tree-trimming services for our neighbors. The arborists benefit by getting to do all the work in one neighborhood for several days, saving on time and gas. We benefit because they are willing to share those savings with our neighbors. Both of the arborists listed below have been recommended by CHNA neighbors and are licensed and insured; however, the CHNA Board cannot formally recommend anyone in this circumstance for liability purposes (our attorney made us write that).

It is important to maintain the trees in your yard so they will live longer – and also so dead branches don’t become a hazard to you and your neighbors. We hope this program will be used to trip out dead wood and thin canopies where appropriate; so we carefully selected qualified arborists to ensure the trimming looks natural and is healthy for the trees.

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President’s Letter

It is a great time to be living in Crescent Heights! We continue to be one of the safest and most desirable neighborhoods in St. Petersburg. I”m excited by the new energy and faces on our Board and by the increased attendance we”ve seen at our events. Here are some highlights from 2011:

  • Sponsored Live Oak project, offering neighbors a discount and incentive to plant trees to maintain our unique shade canopy.
  • Represented neighbors effectively in their efforts to communicate with City staff on several issues.
  • Continued to push for completion of our traffic calming plan – and should see the final speed humps “bricked” in January 2012.
  • Hosted several successful Porch Parties and have seen great interest in these social gatherings.
  • Drew attendance of over 300 people to our annual Hallowe’en block party.
  • Sponsored a successful holiday Home Decorating Contest.
  • Launched a brand new interactive website that is updated on a regular basis.
  • Saw through the completion of new historic acorn lighting from our 2010 neighborhood grant.
  • Hosted a creative event at “Painting with a Twist.”
  • Initiated the repainting and sealing of our neighborhood monuments and the lights associated with them.

I”m sure there are many more things I”m leaving out! We hope you will get involved in planning and participating in our programs whenever possible. Our neighborhood will only ever be as good as the people who live within our boundaries and help to plan and lead our efforts. Thanks for the role you have played in the past, and I look forward to continued opportunities for us all to get to know each other better and have fun!

– Greg Holden

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